Sex Before Marriage

Sex Before Marriage
Sex and the Unmarried
Difference in the cultures of the societies have a strong influence on matters related to sex before marriage. A very strong difference of opinions exist in different cultures, different religions and in different countries. What is right in one may completely be disapproved and condemned in the other, though all the societies and cultures are existing contemporarily at different countries. Based on research and review done by Ford and Beach, societies can be divided onto 3 types:

1.Restrictive Society: In this society, sex outside marriage (including premarital sex) is strongly discouraged. Sex and pregnancy are postponed till marriage.

2.Semi-restrictive society: Here, there are formal restrictions on sex outside marriage and before marriage.But these restrictions exist for the name and they are not enforced with vigour. Sexual behavior among the unmarried men and women is accepted, as long as it is secretly done. However, if pregnancy occurs, marriage is expected.

3.Permissive Societies: In these societies, sex before marriage is expected among young people and it is permitted openly. However, if pregnancy occurs it is taken as an indication for marriage.

Non-Coital Sexual Activity:
Teenagers and young adults before marriage would be interested in sex and usually they restrict themselves to hugging, touching, caressing, kissing or ‘necking’ and ‘petting’. The extent to which they go differs markedly based on many factors: upbringing, cultural aspects, religious beliefs, privacy, commitment and expectation in the relationship, individual personality etc.

  • Necking means kissing on the lips deeply and intimately and caressing the breasts, neck and above.
  • Petting: This includes genital caressing with or without orgasm.

Oral Sex: In few of the cultures, the youngsters restrict themselves to oral sex and they are under the impression that it is not equivalent to sexual intercourse. However, it is observed (in many studies) that sexual intercourse either follows or precedes oral sex.  It is often very difficult to exercise control  on intentions of not having sexual intercourse during the act of oral sex, as both the partners are highly aroused. Two different words are used for oral sex:

  • Cunnilingus: Oral stimulation of the vulva/ vagina
  • Fellatio: Oral stimulation of the penis

Effects Of Sex Before MarriageOne more reason for unmarried people getting indulged in oral sex is that they believe that HIV/AIDS do not get transmitted through oral sex. However, it is not completely true.

The ABC Strategy: With the emergence of highly dangerous sexually transmitted infection, the HIV, the ABC strategy is brought in by many governments across the globe.

  • Abstinence for youth, including the delay of sexual debut and abstinence until marriage
  • Be faithful in marriage and monogamous relationships and  Be tested for HIV
  • Correct and consistent use of condoms for those who practice high-risk behaviours.