Human beings are the only gifted species with ability to have sex every day from adolescence till the end of life. If you are able to maintain good general health and sexual health, you can have a great sex even at the age of 85 or 90. It is estimated that sexual intercourse occurs 100,000,000 times everyday around the world; 1182 times per second. Just imagine how many seconds passed by since you started reading this page, so many seconds multiplied by 1182 times, sex happened.

Unlike other animals, humans have sex not just to produce babies. Observe any animal (for eg. Your pet dog / cat) they can have sex only during a particular period of the year. The remaining period of the year, they don’t have any sexual urge (desire) and they wont get any erection (arousal). Most of these sexual activities in these animals are directed to continue their species by producing babies. But, we the human beings, do Sex for 3 important reasons

  • Recreation (for game, pleasure, relaxation)
  • Relation
  • Procreation (to produce babies)

Like many things on which we can execute control in this world, the sexual activity can also be controlled. For example, we can have a control on our sexual desire and sexual arousal: you won’t be having sex in the middle of the day, at your office, with anyone that come on your way. You have a perfect control on when, where, with whom and for how long you want to have sex‚Ķ.because you are a highly evolved species, THE HUMAN BEING.


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