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Dr. Bala Ram Babu Sanka
UK Trained Sexual Medicine Specialist
American Boatd Certified CI.Sexologist
Fellow of European Committee of Sexual Medicine
Certified Sex Therapist (Florida, USA) 

Mobile No: +91-9052433109
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Valentine Clinic

2nd Floor, Khursheed Mansion
Besides Hyderabad Central-
Opp. to Punjagutta Police Station,
Punjagutta, Hyderabad
Office: +91- 90000 16101
Mobile: +91- 81212 68268
Timings: Monday & Saturday
at 10:00AM to 1:00PM

Dr. Bala’s Sexology Clinic

Land Mark: Behind Remedy Hospital
KPHB Road No. 4, Hyderabad
Office: 040-6455 6355, 6455 8255.
Mobile: +91- 90524 33109
Timings: Monday to Saturday
at 4:00PM to 9:00PM

Appointment requests can be made by telephone or by e-mail. Your confidentiality is respected at all times. We understand that concerns regarding sexuality and sexual function are sometimes uncomfortable to discuss and may also be emotionally-challenging. The consultant Sexual Physician is sensitive to these issues. The doctor is very professional and non judgmental in his approach to your problems. You can feel free to discuss all the issues that are bothering you, regarding your sexuality.

Sexual Medicine (often called as Sexology) is perhaps one of the most recent advances in Modern Medicine. In treating our patients we employ the protocols of Modern Medicine, this will go in 3 stages:

I. Detailed history taking (pertaining to your sexual problem / disease): 

The consultant Sexual Physician will take a detailed history pertaining to disease.

This includes:

  • A detailed history of your sexual problem (Chief complaint; when, how your problem started etc),
  • Medical history-past, family medical history, and personal medical history (eg: habits like smoking, alcohol consumption etc)
  • Drug allergies and current medications
  • If you are married, then the history of your wife/husband’s medical problem (if any)
  • If a couple visits us, the partners will be interviewed separately, one after the other
  • After taking the history of both the partners individually, the will be seen together by the consultant doctor for further discussion and clarification. However, the confidentiality of each individual is respected and information will not be disclosed.

II.Physical examination:

  • After completing the ‘ history taking’, physical examination will be done
  • In case of woman client, the physical examination will be done by the consultant doctor in the presence of her husband or any other women member of her family. Otherwise, a female nurse may be asked to assist the doctor.
  • If a woman client desires, she will be referred to a lady gynaecologist for Physical Examination and opinion.

III. Laboratory investigations: 

Few blood tests, ultra sound scan, etc may be required to diagnose the problem. The client will be asked to undergo them.

  • We request you to come for consultation at least 15 minutes before the scheduled time. This will help us to complete the administrative formalities before the actual consultation with the doctor.
  • The client is requested to give precise and accurate answers to the questions asked, in order to save time and limit the number of laboratory investigations.
  • After the ‘history taking’, ‘physical examination’ and ‘laboratory tests’, a client will be briefed on the nature of his/her problems and a treatment strategy will be offered.
  • The client may be asked to come for a review, if necessary, on a periodic basis. This is in the best interest of the client to get maximum benefit of the treatment and reduce the recurrence of the disease.

You may need 2 days for completion of laboratory tests (and get the reports) and for the doctor to prescribe you the medicines.

The medicines may to be purchased by the patients from any medical store.

In a few selected cases, if required, along with medicines, sex therapy sessions are given for better outcome.