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Name: NM Age: 28 Sex: Male Place: Mumbai

I am a 28 years old man and married from last 10 months, from few days I am feeling weakness and my interest on sex is reduced. When I am trying for sex with my wife, I can’t do, due to softness of my private part. I can’t concentrate on sex. Please help me

Dear Mr.NM,
Your problem has 2 subunits: Lack of Desire & Erectile Dysfunction.
The root cause for these problems need to be investigated and it has got to be treated. Routine tests (eg:Lipid Profile, RBS, Serum testosterone etc ) and a thorough history taking by a qualified Sexologist Doctor are required for a proper diagnosis. (to understand whether your problem is psychological/ organic or both)
Meet your nearest Trained Sexologist….I am sure your problem can be treated and your sex life can be rekindled again. No need to worry.

Name: KK Age: 24 Sex: Male Place: Bangalore

I’m 24 years old, student. My problem is my penies size is small (4 ½ inches). I’m planning to have sex with my girl friend. I feel that i might not be able to satisfy her. Also I am afraid that she my laugh at me, seeing this small penies. I saw in internet that there are medicines to increase penies size and also some machines. Will they really work and increase my size. Kindly advise.

Dear Mr.KK,
If you really want to satisfy your partner in sex, your penis size is more than enough. In fact, only the outer third of vagina gives pleasure during sex to a woman.
All these medicines and machines which are claiming to increase your penile size are unscientific and never yielded any result. They are just there to make money, without giving result in return.
If you need a further evaluation of your penis and its size and functionality meet a qualified Sexual Medicine Specialist/ Urologist in Bangalore. He will address all your concerns in one go.
Also, don’t forget to use condom whenever you are having casual sex.

Name: Col. DC Age: 65 Sex: Male Place: N. Delhi

I am an ex-colonel from Indian Army. My age is 65. My wife is 58y. Till recently, we enjoyed our sex life. Off late, I find her vagina dry and not moist. Both of us are getting pain due to this. Please help us, we are shy to go to our family doctor and discuss this at this age. One more thing is my wife had her uterus and ovaries removed. Is it because of that.

Dear Col DC,
I appreciate your interest to solve your wife’s sexual problem. Only Human beings are gifted by nature to have sex till the end.
Removal of ovaries leads to lack of Estrogen in your wife. This is the most important cause for lack of lubrication, even though there may be other reasons. In the recent years, we have ERT (Estrogen Replacement Therapy), which will solve your wife’s problem. Meet your doctor and discuss it. There is nothing to feel ashamed. It is a process of aging…let it be a graceful aging.
Also, you may try K-Y Gelly at the time of sex. Apply it in your wife’s vagina just before sex.

Name: VT Age: 22 Sex: Female Place: Bangalore

I and my boyfriend did oral sex to one another. I had taken his penis in my mouth and his sperm came out suddenly. A few drops slipped into my mouth and I swallowed it. Now, I am afraid that I will become pregnant. Please tell me urgently where I go for abortion in Bangalore. How much will it cost.

Dear Ms. VT,
Oral sex will not cause any pregnancy. So don’t worry. You don’t have to undergo any abortion.
For pregnancy to happen, the sperm of your boy friend should go and meet the egg (in you). There is no natural passage between the mouth/ stomach and the egg.